What People are Saying About Lindsay Boccardo

“Until Lindsay’s presentation I was not fully aware of how “in the box” I have been regarding the millennial generation. I do know I have always felt uncomfortable with any sort of generational labeling, and when I hear/witness/watch any mocking of the millennial generation it ticks me off. I am thankful that this event opened my mind as to why those things make me uncomfortable.”

“Lindsay was very engaging, very informative and a pure delight to see in action. I have already referenced Lindsay, her material, shared the qualities of her speaking engagement and website to several colleagues and friends. Simply outstanding. Would love to see her in a TED talk! Locally, regionally, and nationally!”

“Today, with Lindsay’s expertise, I have accomplished more then I could ever imagine! I have designed my dream job along with action steps to make this come true… I see life in a whole different light! Hiring Lindsay is one of the BEST decisions I have ever made!” –Karmen

“Meeting together with Lindsay has been so refreshing and energizing! Life in my 20s has felt unexpectedly confusing and directionless, but through life-coaching, Lindsay has helped me rediscover what I value and then set reasonable goals to help me get to where I truly want to go…” –Liz

“Of all the coaches I could have chosen to work with I chose Lindsay due to her insight, deep compassion and enthusiasm. As a veteran of the behavioral health field for over 20 years I rarely give endorsements but after working with Lindsay I asked her if I could provide one for her…” –John Schulenburg, MSW, AIF

“As usual Lindsay delivered WAY more than I bargained for. She gave a personal touch to each person’s goals. You can tell she really has a passion and genuine caring nature for helping others. I wish I could have brought some of my friends to it so they could have reaped the benefits as well.”

“The class was amazing! I enjoyed Lindsay’s energy and she worked at a good pace to get everything done. She was very accessible and worked with each student.”

“Lindsay creates a safe, supportive environment that sets the tone for revelation and enables growth. She is fun, engaging and easy to relate to. working with her. I was surprised at the level of awareness that was uncovered while working with Lindsay. I was able to uncover the values that I’m wired with and with knowing these values I am motivated in ways that energize and empower me. My thought-life has radically changed for the better which overflows into my day-to-day actions.” -Michelle

“I cannot say enough how valuable, well-presented, entertaining, informational, humorous, engaging, precise, and organized I found yesterday’s session to be.” -Bonnie Riley, National Bank of Indianapolis

“This was one of the best training sessions we had. The instructor was excellent and some of her comments were eye-opening.”

“Lindsay’s energy facilitated an open discussion and platform for learning the topics in a way we can use them in the office and outside.”

“Lindsay presented the material in a way that all generations could understand and appreciate. Her approach to sharing the information was not biased and was engaging.”

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