Fraternity and Sorority Career and Leadership Development Training

Keynote Presentation: High Achiever Land (Topic: Leadership)

You’ve worked hard to get here. You’ve followed the rules, beat out your peers, stayed up late, tried to help everyone you can. And you’re tired. When you stop moving, you realize you aren’t taking care of yourself. Your motivation starts to dwindle and you wonder why you push so hard.

Welcome to High Achiever Land. A place where perfectionists and leaders end up when they’ve put others before themselves for too long. A place where leaders like you show up stressed out, burned out and tired.

In High Achiever Land, we are comforted by our responsibilities. We love having people who look up to us. We love people asking us for help or solutions. We work hard, we don’t say “no” and we wake up each day with a weight on our shoulders. As soon as we accomplish something, there’s a new hill to climb.

Before we conquer the next challenge, let’s celebrate! Let’s take time to acknowledge all that you’ve done to get to High Achiever Land. You cannot grow without celebrating. We will explore the importance of pacing yourself by using intentional celebration, as it is the final key to your motivation, momentum and success.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How and why you likely arrived in High Achiever Land
  • Characteristics of someone on the path to High Achiever Land and how you can help them pause
  • How to get out of the endless “doing more” cycle
  • The REAL skills you need as a leader (hint: it’s not perfection or knowing all the answers)
  • How to empower your peers to solve problems instead of bringing their problems to you to solve
  • How to set fair and reasonable boundaries and have people respect you MORE for it

Program Details:

  • Keynote session is 75 minutes and includes time for Q&A
  • Post-Session Activation Call: Session attendees are invited to join Lindsay on a phone call 30 days after the keynote to ask any follow-up questions and check in on progress made since attending the training session

Keynote Presentation: Designing A College Experience (and a Life) More Exciting Than a Netflix Binge (Topic: Career Development)

Come home after class, grab a bite and dive into episode after episode. It’s your time to numb out and shake off the dullness of your day and your workload. Does this sound like you? You deserve a college experience and life more engaging than a Netflix binge. In this interactive presentation, Lindsay explains WHY you might find yourself avoiding the soul searching, “What’s my Purpose?” talk, and gives you actual steps to create a life that’s so exciting Netflix will feel like a waste of time.

Best of all, there’s great news: The method for this isn’t complicated. It’s just a much different approach than what your parents and most universities told you in preparing to enter the workforce.

Are you ready for a future that you love? Come join the adventure of building your life the way you want it. Break the rules. Let’s create something that works for you.

In this session, chapter members will learn:

  • Why what you’re currently doing isn’t working
  • A more accurate understanding of career growth that colleges don’t teach you
  • Why networking is so critical for your success
  • How to plan for a dynamic life and also be flexible as opportunities come
  • Stand out amongst other chapters in how you communicate to members
  • Peace in knowing where you are actually at in your college experience and what the next best step is
  • Why most people feel frustrated and confused about how to build their college experience into a career

Members will walk away with:

  • A proven 4-step system for designing their college experience
  • Specific action steps they can take to find their dream life (hint: it’s not looking at online career search engines)
  • Tips from HR leaders in Indianapolis on how to build a resume so it stands out
  • How to break the “system” and slip to the front of the line with job applications

Chapter Consultant Development

How it works:

  • 1:1 career coaching sessions for Leadership/Chapter Consultants while in Indianapolis at fraternity Headquarters.
  • Lindsay will serve as an unbiased resource and will offer perspectives on career development for each individual’s specific needs.
  • Lindsay will be available before and after the coaching sessions for a touch-base conversation with fraternity leadership as needed.
  • Can be a one-time engagement or a series of quarterly sessions (live and/or over the phone)

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