Your Attitude is Worth More Than Your Skill

Remember in high school when we’d haveto do group projects? Maybe you were on a sports team or in math club (no judgment!). Anyway, think about the time this went to hell. When was a time when you just wanted out or felt really stressed? I’m willing to bet that 9/10...

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Your Manager is Not a Fairy Godmother

The breaking point. I told my boss I wanted to go to grad school. It would add so much value to my work! She didn’t agree. There was work to be done right now — that had nothing to do with me going back to school. Well, crap. That was the moment I knew I needed to be...

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Professionalism vs. My Personal Life

How do I know if I’m getting too personal at work?   What makes someone professional? The clothes they wear? Maybe. The vocabulary in emails? Let’s be honest no one says “therefore” in real life but in a work email, seems totally legit. Here’s one thing to think about...

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The Game Just Flipped

Going from monopoly to checkers and why you don’t have to be good at everything. I played monopoly so much as a kid that we had to iron the money between wax paper. Do you remember when you could spend an entire summer day just playing a board game? The little metal...

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So, who is Lindsay Boccardo?

Where I started and how I got here today.   With my diploma in hand, I set out to do something that had very little to do with my degree from Syracuse University: raise money so I could tour the country playing in a rock band. My parents were thrilled (or not)....

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A little on what this blog-thing is all about.   Hey! I’m here because I believe every person deserves the opportunity to make the most of their one shot on earth. I’m glad you’re here too. I bet there’s a part of you aching for a little more adventure. You’re looking...

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