Meet Lindsay

With my diploma in hand, I set out to do something that had very little to do with my degree from Syracuse University: raise money so I could tour the country playing in a rock band. My parents were thrilled (or not).

Growing up, I was taught to do what I love, to experiment, to try new things and be curious. The only problem was, my curiosity was real at a time that I was supposed to have a plan for my life. How could I have a plan when I didn’t even know what I liked yet?

So I spent my twenties learning about myself and the world around me. I toured with a band for six years. I mentored others who wanted to follow a similar path. I designed and implemented curriculum for college students to supplement what they were learning on campus. I lead a staff team of 20 people as a Director with Keynote for six years. During this time, I figured out where generational differences broke down… and I was hooked.

I realized the twentysomethings (you may know us as Millennials) have a lot to contribute to our organizations and employers. Passionate about helping people make bold moves into the real world, I went back to school and earned my coaching certification through the International Coach Federation.

I have been coaching, researching and developing programs for Millennials for nearly a decade. I love working with young people and the organizations who employ them.

In my work, I have partnered, Internbridge and the Indiana Supreme Court. I’ve coached hundreds of Millennials. I’ve consulted with start-ups and well-established companies. What I’ve found is the themes are the same.

If I can help you understand the generations on your team and how to maximize their unique qualities, you’re much more likely to have a workplace culture that is ready for explosive growth (just like we Millennials have exploded into the workforce!).

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